Field Day

Join Woodbridge Amateur Radio Club for Field Day operations.
Where: 3513 Old Bridge Road.  Lake Ridge Community Softball / Soccer Field at the corner of Old Bridge Road and Smoketown Road in Lake Ridge, VA (GPS 38.681184, -77.319595)

Setup begins Thursday late afternoon June 20, 2024 at approximately 6 PM and continues through operational start on Saturday June 22, 2 PM. Club takes a break at Noon Friday for lunch (usually at a local restaurant)

Operations are Saturday June 22, 2 PM through Sunday June 23, 2 PM.

Teardown and site cleanup start Sunday June 23 at 2 PM

Assistance is needed with setup, operations and teardown.

If you have questions contact Rob KJ4LWN, Larry, K0LB, or Bob, KV4MJ

Past Results

2023318512,8427AW4AD1st in 7A
2022374014,7088AW4AD2nd overall in 8A
2021473718,6509AAggregate 24,092 by 4 stations1st in 9APhotos
20204,19617,1108AAggregate 23,230 by 9 stations2nd Overall. 1st in 8A. 9 stations for aggregate score of 23,230
20194,85218,2529AW4ADFirst in 9A, 3rd Overall
20184,42414,6589AW4ADFirst in 9A. 4th overall
20175,43520,93012AW4AD1st place 12A, 2nd place overall
201617,0564,56011AW4ADFirst in 11A, 6th overall
20154,91617,5268AW4AD2nd in 8A, 6th overall
20145,27418,22410AW4PIO1st in 10A, 5th overall
20135,76219,9249AKJ4VHI1st in 9A, 3rd overall
20125,31118,09410A1st in 10A, 7th overall
20114,09013,3925A4th 5A, 24th overall
20104,07213,3086A1st place 6A, 21st overall
20094,35514,7446A2nd Place 6A, 10th Place Overall out of 2,642
20086,59221,1089AN2PJ1st Place 9A, 2nd Place Overall out of 2,409 entries
20074,19915,1427AN2PJ1st Place 7A, 8th Place Overall out of 2,331 entries
20066,67023,13818AW4DC1st place 18A, 2nd Place Overall out of 2,169 entries, New 18A National Class Record, 49 participants
20056,50122,50816AW4DC1st place 16A, 2nd Place Overall out of 2,212 entries, New 16A National Class Record, 55 participants
20046,58321,00212AW4ZY1st place 12A, 4th Place Overall, Class 12A Record
20035,92220,27217AW4ZY1st place 17A, 2nd Place Overall, Class 17A RecordPhotos
20027,83924,0888AW4ZY1st place 8A, 2nd Place Overall, Class 8A RecordPhotos
20016,57222,05615AKC4KOL1st Place 15A, 2nd Place Overall, Class 15A RecordPhotos
20008,06424,90414AKC4RFM1st Place 14A, 2nd Place Overall, Class 14A RecordPhotos
19997,32922,78013A1st Place 13A, 3rd Place Overall, Class 13A RecordPhotos
19986,21718,8349A1st Place 9A, 4th Place Overall, Class 9A RecordPhotos
19975,01116,9049A1st Place 9A, 2nd Place OverallPhotos
19964,97615,9829A1st Place 9A, 3rd Place Overall
19904,66914,68811AClass 11A Record
19884,79114,21012AKC4FUEClass 12A Record
19855,06715,47410AKB4FRDClass 10A Record