WWI operates wide coverage repeaters located in eastern Prince William County, Virginia. They are particularly active during morning and evening rush hours as up-to-the-minute traffic information is exchanged along the length of Shirley Highway and parallel roads between Woodbridge, VA and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The 147.24 MHz repeater hosts the Monday night WWI information net at 8 PM EST (9 PM EDT). The 224.78 MHz repeater is cross linked to the 147.24 MHz repeater during the net to enable Novice licensees to participate.

The 147.24 MHz repeater can also be accessed using EchoLink.  Address is W7IY-L

147.24, 224.78 and 444.90 MHz Repeaters
by: Dale Carlsen – WA2IKI (way-too-iky)

Operating under the W4IY/R callsign. They are located on a water tower in Lake Ridge, Virginia with antennas 420 feet above sea level. The 440 (444.9 MHz) repeater has an Effective Radiated Power (ERP) of about 20 watts while the 220 (224.78 MHz) and 2 meter (147.24 MHz) repeaters have about 40 watts ERP. You are welcome to use these “open” repeaters, however, regular users are expected to become WWI members to help defray operating and maintenance expenses. See W4IY/R REPEATER GUIDELINES for membership information, operating procedures, and tone-pad testing.

WWI has operated the 2 meter repeater for more than 20 years. It’s input is on 147.84 MHz, and is carrier-squelch operated with PL tone of 107.2 Hz .

The 444.90 repeater has a PL Tone of 127.3 Hz.

The repeater has excellent coverage along I-95 from the Virginia I-95/I-495 beltway intersection down to the Quantico area. Inside the Washington Beltway and around it, and south of Quantico, the coverage deteriorates somewhat in low spots and higher power (25 watts plus) may be required from these areas. It is equipped with a member only autopatch which is accessed with a touch tone code sequence. Non-local Amateur Mobile Stations traveling through the area will be allowed autopatch calls to local numbers if a member dials the code and number and assures proper operation.

The 2 meter controller provides a voice and/or CW identification at ten minute intervals as well as voice announcements of meetings, nets and special activities.