Use Guidelines


by: Dale Carlsen – WA2IKI (way-too-iky)

Welcome to the WWI repeaters. Our 147.24+, 224.78- and 444.9+ MHz repeaters are open access, available 24 hours per day. During emergency conditions, the repeaters are used only for emergency traffic through a net control station. Occasionally, the repeaters are used by operating committees of Woodbridge Wireless, Inc. for programs or events.

Regular users are expected to become members of Woodbridge Wireless, Inc. to help defray our operating and maintenance expenses. Membership applications can be obtained from club officers at the monthly meeting or by writing to our P.O. Box. AUTOPATCH is available only to members. The access code can only be given by a club officer in person or by mail.

W4IY/R uses a “courtesy beep” which sounds approximately two (2) seconds after the receiver detects no input carrier. The “beep” is delayed by two (2) seconds to allow other stations to join the QSO and to reset the three (3) minute QSO timer. It is not necessary to allow the repeater carrier to drop for these actions to occur, but do wait for the beep. When active, the three (3) minute QSO timer shuts off the repeater transmitter after three minutes of uninterrupted carrier to the repeater receiver. The transmitter is automatically reset after two (2) seconds of no input carrier to the receiver. Woodbridge Wireless, Inc. reserves the use of the word “BREAK” to indicate an emergency, and “BREAK-BREAK” to indicate extreme emergencies. To enter a QSO or announce your presence on frequency, merely state your callsign.

The 2 meter repeater (147.24+) controller features several voice announcements as well as voice and CW IDs. It also has a touch-tone pad test feature. To use it, IDENTIFY (e.g. W4AAA touch-tone test), then enter the number “5” followed by any other numbers on your touch-tone pad. The controller will respond by repeating the numbers you have entered after the initial “5”.

AUTOPATCH Procedures

Due to the proliferation of cell phones the AUTOPATCH function has been disconnected.


  1. Key your transmitter and enter the access code followed by the telephone number. Do not unkey the transmitter between the access code and the telephone number. After entering the access code and telephone number, unkey your transmitter. The controller will respond with “AUTOPATCH” and, after a short pause, the telephone number you dialed. Momentarily rekey your transmitter to verify a correct number, otherwise do nothing. Then try again.
  2. If you do not wish the controller to announce the telephone number you dialed, momentarily rekey your transmitter after you hear “AUTOPATCH.”
  3. Following transmitter rekey, the controller will send beeping cover tones while it dials the telephone. You will hear the called telephone ring. When someone answers, tell them that you are calling by radio and that only one person can talk at a time.
  4. After finishing your call, press the pound symbol (#). The controller will respond with “Call complete”. Then describe who you were talking to and announce your callsign (e.g. AUTOPATCH complete with XYL, W4AAA clear AUTOPATCH).
  5. AUTOPATCH is provided principally for mobile stations. Except for occasional instances such as accessing for visiting Hams, fixed stations should not access AUTOPATCH. Such use could be interpreted as an illegal attempt to avoid commercial tolls.